INSEE Ecocycle
INSEE Ecocycle Company Limited is a subsidiary of Siam City Cement Group Company offering industrial waste management services. Siam City Cement and INSEE Ecocycle have been granted by the Department of Industrial Works 101, 105 and 106 Licenses. This allows us to process and dispose of both hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. In 2016, INSEE Ecocycle acquired industrial service business (formerly known as Valence Corporation Limited). With this acquisition, INSEE Ecocycle can today provide both waste management and specialist chemical cleaning services for industrial applications. We are now well positioned to offer a seamless industrial cleaning and waste management services to various industry sectors. We will continue to work towards becoming the leading environmental services business in Thailand.
Our customers can be assured that their waste materials will be handled professionally in full compliance with all local regulations and environmental requirements.
INSEE Ecocycle waste management platform
  • Saraburi platform pre-treats solid, liquid and sludge wastes to be disposed of in cement kilns and other combustion processes as approved by Department of Industrial Works. The platform locates on Mitraphap Road, Tab Kwang sub-district, Kang Khoi district, Saraburi Province.
  • Chonburi platform pre-treats solid waste to be disposed of in cement kilns and other combustion processes as approved by Department of Industrial Works. This platform locates in Hemaraj Industrial Estate, Chonburi Province.
INSEE Ecocycle industrial services office
  • Rayong office serves industrial services customers consisting of laboratory, warehouses, and administration office.
Why INSEE Ecocycle
Co-processing in cement kilns is now globally recognized as one of the preferred methods to safety dispose of a wide range of hazardous and non-hazardous materials. It offers many environmental advantages
  • High cement kiln gas temperatures (over 1800°C) at high residual time (up to 5 seconds) – representing ideal conditions for virtually complete destruction of any organic material
  • Inherent cleaning of gases using lime (a basic ingredient of cement)
  • No waste residue (total incorporation of ash into finished product)
  • By using waste materials in the production of cement as a replacement to coal, this assists in reducing the CO2 emission which is a major cause of Global Warming
INSEE Ecocycle 
Creating a sustainable future or indeed a better world is when all material at the end of one life becomes the technical organic nutrients for a new life. Nature has always done this, yet man is the only species on earth who produce waste, which no one else wants. To close the loop on waste we need to change the way businesses and communities act. Shifting our attitudes and processes from linear to cyclical as a long-term goal. INSEE Ecocycle through its partnerships is committed to improving industrial environmental footprints across a wide range of industries.
INSEE Ecocycle begins with the principle that waste is not bad, but rather a necessary outcome of industry. Most industrial systems are linear, these waste systems reduce resources and waste simply accumulates in the environment. Shifting our attitudes from linear to cyclical is a long-term goal to recover, produce and convert raw materials at the end of one life into energy. It requires a sound understanding of the basic principles of natural systems.
Everything possible is being done to offer our partners “peace of mind” assurance.
Taking customers on our journey means creating a fellowship of industrial companies committed to process and systems improvement in partnership with us. Encouraging early stage engagement in planning and customising the appropriate systems and process means everything possible is being done to offer our partners “peace of mind assurance” This is what they look for in safeguarding their environmental reputations.