Whether as a corporate citizen or as a trusted brand among consumers, preserving your company's reputation is vital for the ongoing success of your business. Effective handling of waste is an essential and sensitive area when considering off specification, out of date or prototype products that cannot be retailed. Equally, secure control of hazardous or polluting industrial waste from manufacturing processes is imperative.
INSEE Ecocycle provides best practice sustainable waste solution with true collaborative partnerships. Our task is to earn respect and trust through safeguarding our customers’ reputations.
At INSEE Ecocycle we are…
Expert in Sustainability
We understand the chemistry of waste streams and through this knowledge manage risk and safeguard customers’ reputations.
Total Service Excellence
From analysis to the final treatment of waste, our service excellence is to consistently deliver on the sustainability goals of our customers.
Pathfinders in Waste Management
We continue to advance our capability and state of the art processes, applying industry best practices in the safe treatment of waste.
  • Emissions monitoring and laboratory testing for a proper and thorough evaluation
  • Verifiable audit - certificate of treatment
  • Capacity to treat large quantities of waste materials
Safety and Environmental Leadership
We are trusted partners working collaboratively with government agencies and all parties, delivering safe environmental solutions.
  • Full compliance with environmental legislations
  • Both cement plants and AFR Preparation Platform have been certified with ISO.
  • Cement plants have recently been certified with CSR/DIW from Ministry of Industry and four cement products were awarded with Carbon Label from Thailand Greenhouse Gas Organization (TGO) and Thailand Environmental Institute (TEI) confirming the capability to continue reducing greenhouse gas (CO).
INSEE Strength
INSEE Ecocycle enjoys INSEE’s strength in the development of leading environmental systems. As a group INSEE is committed to creating a positive future and caring for the environment.