Our intent is the development of waste management as a sustainable business, that adds value, provides a service and contributes to safe healthy living conditions for society at large. We are committed to manage our use of natural resources responsibly through re-use and renewal, as well as minimising the impact of our operations on the environment.
INSEE Ecocycle though it partnerships is committed to improving industrial environmental footprints across a wide range of industries.
The cycle of life
We follow the concept of industrial ecology, following the example of nature in which the waste of one organism is used beneficially by another. As human beings use oxygen from plants, so the plants themselves use the CO exhaled by human beings. This is the basic function inherent in co-processing. It describes our ability to dispose of the waste of others, to unlock and recover otherwise lost amounts of energy and mineral content for additives in cement and concrete. These products are used in turn for homes and commercial buildings, for protection against floods and earthquakes, for better roads and bridges, power stations, harbours and runways.
We measure our performance using a triple bottom line encompassing our economic, environmental and social responsibilities.
Economic responsibility
Our economic performance has both a direct and indirect impact on our stakeholders. By improving our operational efficiency and performance through more efficient use of resources we can enhance our overall performance. With a sustainable business we can meet the growing needs of the construction industry, employees, homeowners, shareholders and the community at large.
Environmental responsibility
Eco-efficiency is at the core of our business. We work with our customers to find sustainable solutions to their waste management challenges that can help to minimize the environmental footprint of their businesses. Thereby Siam City Cement preserves naturally occurring raw materials and fuels while manufacturing a key building material, portland cement -
a responsible approach to environmental stewardship of the earth's resources.
Social responsibility
Closely tied to economic performance and environmental responsibility is the need for social involvement through relationships with all of INSEE Ecocycle's stakeholders. These relationships are based on mutual trust and respect as we work to improve quality of life.