INSEE Ecocycle joins with 34 partners in collecting plastic debris on International Coastal Cleanup 2019 (ICC 2019)

INSEE Ecocycle, Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT), 34 entrepreneurs in Map Ta Phut and Ban Chang together with local volunteers joined forces to clean up trash on the International Coastal Cleanup Day on September 21, 2019. Around 4,500 volunteers participated in the event this year and collected roughly 9,400 kilograms along the 15.1 kilometers coast at Saeng Chan-Laem Charoen beaches and Namrin–Phayun-Phla beaches which are considered Rayong’s main tourist attractions.


For Rayong Province, The International Coastal Cleanup activity has been has been held for 17 consecutive years to raise an awareness on ocean preservation and supporting Rayong’s tourism industry. This year highlights the #PullingourWeight campaign, an initiative to keep waste out of the environment. Apart from being an industrial province, Rayong still relies on fishery and tourism. Therefore, saving and protecting marine and coastal ecosystems is vital to the well-being of community people.


The International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) initiated by a group of ocean lovers formed under “Ocean Conservancy”, encouraging volunteers from all around the world to participate beach cleanup activity and record each item collected on a standardized data card. The purpose of the global wide event is not only to spread awareness of the growing concern, but it’s also an opportunity for experts to identify and examine the sources and trends of marine debris. More than 100,000 volunteers in over 100 countries have participated annually in the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) which is the world’s largest, one-day volunteer effort to clean up the marine environment along beaches, rivers, lakes and canals in order to show their commitment to cleaner waterways on the third Saturday of September.


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