INSEE Ecocycle Receives CSR Recognition and Selected among 3 Finalists for Thai Development Award from AMCHAM

INSEE Ecocycle received CSR Recognition and was selected among the three finalists for Thai Development Award at the 2022 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Excellence Awards hosted by The American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand (AMCHAM) . This event was held at Conrad Bangkok Hotel to celebrate its member companies that have qualified for CSR Recognition for their demonstrated the commitment to conducting business responsibly and giving back to local communities.

Suchintana Viraratt, Chief Executive Officer at INSEE Ecocycle, Co. Ltd. said “We are truly honored to receive this CSR Recognition among with 91 companies and selected as one of the three finalists for Thai Development Award, this is a very proud moment for INSEE Ecocycle.

INSEE Ecocycle is a subsidiary of Siam City Cement Group, offering sustainable waste management and industrial services. We aim to engage with our customers and partners to improve more efficient approach in environmental and waste management by continually developing new solutions to meet our customer’s long-term targets in climbing up the Waste Hierarchy, maximizing resources to be energy-recovered, according to the Circular Economy principle.

We were picked among the three finalists for Thai Development Award from the project: Municipal Solid Waste Refuse Derived Fuel: MSW – RDF, which demonstrates an approach to reduce combustible plastic waste from municipal dumpsite. This waste will undergo some physical treatment and be turned into alternative fuel to replace fossil fuel in cement kilns. The process encourages Zero Waste to Landfill by using municipal waste as fuel, prevents leakage to the ocean and prolongs the capacity of the dumpsite. INSEE Ecocycle has now removed around 340,000 tons of RDF from our municipal solid waste sources. To put this into perspective, that is equivalent to approximately 28 billion plastic bags.
Apart from RDF obtained from the dumpsites, INSEE Ecocycle has also managed to set up drop-off points and collect waste to be produced as RDF. The waste is non-recyclable, has little value such as single-use plastic, plastic straws, some types of plastic bags and packaging which will be transferred to the dumpsites and can potentially leak into the environment. The right way of waste management should be implemented to produce RDF and used as an alternative fuel.
As one of the largest ocean polluters when it comes to plastic waste, Thailand has struggled to stem the tide of leakage. This project is a win-win solution for the industry and environment as it helps to prevent the leakage to the ocean, reduce the use of fossil fuel by utilizing the Co-processing method or Integrated Waste Management where waste that was at risk of ending up in the ocean is now feeding the needs of cement kilns.
Therefore, this recognition and selection are really meaningful to all of our colleagues and we, INSEE Ecocycle, will continue to enthusiastically drive our missions and keep going forward.

We are on this journey together to make the world a better place to live in and we are actively moving towards our goals.”


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