INSEE Ecocycle took part in webinar “Turning Waste into Value – Waste and Recycling Business” closing the loop for residual waste and achieving in sustainability development goal

INSEE Ecocycle participated in webinar “Turning Waste into Value – Waste and Recycling Business” hosted by ESG Network, Thai Listed Companies Association, aiming for encouraging Thai listed companies to act on environmental, social and governance (ESG) for long-term sustainable growth. 

Suchintana Viraratt, Chief Executive Officer INSEE Ecocycle mentioned that Waste-to-energy continues to play a significant role in closing the loop of the circular economy. Co-processing can destroy waste materials through high temperatures and long residence time meaning there is nothing remaining. This leaves no residue that needs to be landfilled or Zero Waste to Landfill solution. It is an efficient and sustainable method for the recovery of energy and constituting least impacts on community health and the environment. 
In additional, INSEE Ecocycle has had an ongoing initiative called the MSW-RDF Project (Refuse Derived Fuel from Municipal Solid Waste) to extract plastic waste from dumpsites and use it as alternative fuel in its cement kilns, lengthening a landfill’s lifespan and plugging the leakage of post-consumer plastics to oceans. 

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