INSEE Ecocycle’s Professional COVID-19 Disinfection Service

There is still much we do not understand about the novel coronavirus that causes the COVID-19 respiratory infection. Crucially, we don’t yet know how long the virus can live on surfaces. Most studies suggest that it behaves like other coronaviruses, meaning it could potentially survive for up to several days. 

In these uncertain times, it is extremely important that we take every precaution to protect ourselves. For any businesses and facilities that are currently open, or for those that will soon open when restrictions are lifted, proper disinfection and sanitization is, and will be, of paramount importance. 

Our service  

INSEE Ecocycle provides comprehensive disinfecting and sanitizing services for non-healthcare businesses.

Our methodologies are based on OSH standards and guidance from the Ministry of Public Health.   

We have carefully selected EPA-registered chemicals and chemical dispersal systems to safely eliminate any trace of bacteria and viruses – including COVID-19. Our disinfectant is a food-grade product that is non-toxic to the environment and does not harm or irritate the respiratory tract and skin.

The process

Before we start sanitizing and disinfecting, the ventilation system is turned off and all people and pets are evacuated from the treatment area.

Next, our highly trained service technicians, wearing fully encapsulating personal protective equipment, proceed to conduct the fogging of all areas, including high-contact surfaces such as tables, door knobs, chair armrests, keyboards, and phones with the disinfectant solution.

Finally, the enclosed treatment area is exposed to the disinfectant solution for a minimum of one hour before the ventilation system is turned back on.

Ecocycle’s highly trained service technician is spraying of all areas with disinfectants

Health, safety, and peace of mind in the new normal

The COVID-19 pandemic will permanently change how we look at disinfection for schools, offices, stores, and many other public places. To make absolutely sure that disinfection is carried out safely and effectively, experts recommend that it be performed by experienced professionals.

As an expert in industrial cleaning, INSEE Ecocycle can be an ideal partner for offices, factories, production facilities, commercial buildings, and any other businesses that want to ensure health, safety, and peace of mind for their employees and customers.

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