Waste Analysis and Laboratory Services

Waste ManagemenT

Waste Analysis and Laboratory Services

We understand the chemistry of waste streams and through this knowledge manage risk and safeguard customers’ reputations. With a completed range of skilled personnel and laboratory equipment, physical and chemical properties of waste materials will be analyzed in order to comply with all safety and environmental standards. Our laboratory was registered with DIW and accredited with ISO/IEC17025 Laboratories are specialised in waste, process and environmental analytics. By combining solid facilities and profound expertise, the laboratories analyse complex sample materials, such as different waste products, process chemicals, oil, soil and wastewater, and for various contaminations or valuables.


We provide expert technical assistance and unique support to help manage your waste streams. Some of waste analysis at our laboratory are as following:

• Gross/Net calorific value
• Flash point
• pH
• Total sulfurs
• Chloride content
• Ash content
• Moisture content
• Water content by Karl Fisher
• Mercury Analysis
• Determination of heavy metals by optical emission spectroscopy (ICP OES)
• Mineral and element analysis by X-Ray Fluorescent
• Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen content

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