Waste Treatment and Destruction

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Co-processing leaves no residue that needs to be landfilled

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Waste Treatment and Destruction

We offer waste treatment solutions by using the process called co-processing. Co-processing is the simultaneous recovery of energy and the recycling of minerals contained in pre-processed Alternative Fuel and Raw materials.

Co-processing is widely known as among the most sustainable of waste management solutions, a preferred alternative to landfilling and incineration in the waste management hierarchy

“The environmental performance in cement kilns is better compared to incinerators for the majority of environmental impact categories considered.”

Life – Cycle Assessment studies demonstrate that co-processing offers superior environmental performance to landfilling or incineration. There are many advantages as following:

• Completely destroys waste materials through high temperatures, oxygen excess and long residence time
• Leaves no residue that needs to be landfilled
• Reduces greenhouse gas emissions, as the waste is used to replace fossil fuels
• Preserves non-renewable fossil fuels and natural resources as the energy and mineral value of the waste materials are recovered

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